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“Space engineering is a testament to our relentless pursuit of knowledge and the triumph over the biggest challenges. As we navigate the complexities of spacecrafts and space systems, we forge pathways to the stars, proving that the impossible is but a stepping stone on the journey to our greatest achievements."

Our vision

Aster's vision is to promote space engineering and education in the Brainport region of Eindhoven, by pursuing space related projects in collaboration with departments of the TUe and with companies in the Brainport region of Eindhoven. We want to give every student the opportunity to work on and learn from space missions.

Our Cube Satellite

Our vision is realized by developing a cubic satellite (CubeSat). This is one of the most affordable spacecrafts suitable for academic use. This 10x10x30cm spacecraft is capable to hitchhike on bigger space missions to reduce costs drastically. From front to end, we will design and build the entire satellite ourselves including all subsystems.

Our CubeSat’s mission will be to test photonic integrated circuits (PIC’s) and to preprocess the data on-board with AI embedded systems. PIC’s are chips which use photons instead of electrons as a means of processing and transferring information.

In our case the PIC’s will consist out of long of optical fibers woven around the satellite frame. This allows us to measure important properties of the satellite such as temperature, strain, pressure and even visualize it’s shape. One of the objectives of these sensors is to detect and measure the consequence of micrometeorites or space debris impacting the spacecraft.  

Our Ground station

Apart from the CubeSat, we are developing our own Ground station as a communication infrastructure to talk with all spacecrafts in the same frequency including our own CubeSat.

Already nearing completion, the ground station will be installed on the roof of Vertigo on the TUe Campus to not only perform space operations on our own CubeSat, but to teach students about radiofrequencies, signal protocols and telecommunication as well.

Joining our team?

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We are looking for space enthusiasts from any department of the TUe or Fontys to help out our motivated team in any field. If you want to know more or join the team, visit our website!


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