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T.E.S.T. competes in the annual SensUs competition, striving to transform healthcare by developing innovative new biosensors.


About T.E.S.T

Healthcare is ever evolving in response to challenges brought on by the modern times: cancer and heart disease, but also aging, obesity and overpopulation, to name just a few. Innovative new solutions are needed, solutions that decrease time-to-diagnosis, lower the barrier to entry for some patients and offer more personalized healthcare.

Biosensors offer exactly that. They are small medical devices that measure the concentration of biomarkers in a bodily fluid, such as saliva or blood plasma. These biomarkers are indicators of disease and allow for an estimation of the patient’s physiological state. Because of their size, they offer unprecedented flexibility, allowing measurement in the hospital, at the general practitioner’s office and, most importantly, at home.

T.E.S.T. is a multi-disciplinary team that competes in annual international student competition SensUs, that challenges teams from all over the world to push the boundaries of what biosensors are capable of. This way, T.E.S.T. intends to empower the patients and revolutionize healthcare.


The 2016 team

The inaugural T.E.S.T. team was tasked with measuring creatinine, a biomarker for kidney failure. Kidney failure afflicts 70 million Europeans, chackling them to medication and dialysis machines. They received the creativity award for their elegant adaption of a principle developed by the Protein Engineering research group of Maarten Merkx (TU/e): a fluorescence (BRET-based) competition assay directly readable with a smartphone.


The 2017 team

The second T.E.S.T. team developed a biosensor for NT-proBNP, a biomarker for heart failure, a disease afflicting 1% of all Europeans. Heart failure damages patients’ mobility and forces frequent hospital trips. T.E.S.T. contributed to the treatment of heart failure by adapting

an opto-magnetic cluster assay developed by Adrea Ranzoni of Menno Prins’ Molecular Biosensing for Medical Diagnostics research group (TU/e): with this principle, they booked spectacular results, winning three of the four prizes of the SensUs event.


The 2018 team

This year’s team is focusing on SensUs’ latest challenge: detecting vancomycin, a last-ditch antibiotic used for bacterial strains that are already resistant to multiple other antibiotics. By developing a biosensor for vancomycin that can be directly used at home, T.E.S.T. intends to drastically cut the amount of time necessary for measurement of vancomycin blood concentration, allowing for faster and more accurate medicine administration.

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