Student debating association


Chronos is the debating association of Eindhoven. We host a weekly debate night with dinner and drinks, as well as several other events throughout the year.

About us

The ethics of self-driving cars, geopolitical issues like nuclear weapons, or the cultural stigmas around one-night-stands. You name it and we can host a debate around it! At Chronos we try to improve on debating, public speaking and argumentation in a safe and friendly environment every week. We do this primarily because it is surprisingly fun, but also because these skills can be incredibly useful for your study and career. Our communal strength is visible during our weekly dinner prior to and social drink after the debate. These are both perfect opportunities to relax, or to discuss the probability of Trump starting world war three if that's what you're into. Feel free to join us any Monday throughout the academic year in Luna 1.240 at 18:00 for debates, and check out our Facebook page using the link below to get in touch and sign up for our dinners.

Tournaments in the Netherlands and abroad

We don’t just debate on our own. To put our efforts to the test we visit tournaments both in the Netherlands and abroad. These tournaments are a great opportunity to improve your debating skills and meet a wide array of interesting people. There are plenty of tournaments which can be attended throughout the year, and Chronos even sponsors a part of the - already small - fees involved. While a tournament might sound intimidating, they are nothing to be afraid of. And of course we don't throw new debaters into the deep immediately, they will get the chance to become familiar with competitive debating at special novice tournaments. These tournaments are open only to debaters with less than a year of experience and are the perfect place to get familiar with the European debating community.

Contact us

  • Secretary

    Tao Rong
  • Visiting address

    Luna 1.240
    On Mondays from 18:00 to 21:00
  • Postal address

    Chronos – Luna postvak 13
    PO Box Postbus 513
    5600MB Eindhoven

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