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Chronos is the debating association of Eindhoven. Every monday evening we host debates on all sorts of topics.


About us

The ethics of self-driving cars, geopolitical issues like nuclear weapons or the cultural stigmas around one-night-stands. You name it and we can host a debate around it! In a safe and friendly environment, we as Chronos try to improve every week on debating, public speaking and argumentation. We do this first and all because it is fun, but these skills can be incredibly useful for your study and career as well. On top of that we have weekly dinners before the debate and weekly drinks after the debate. These are both perfect opportunities to relax and talk through the day, or to discuss the probability of Trump starting a thirld world war if you are into that. Join us on Mondays at 18:00 in auditorium 11 to try it.


Tournaments in the Netherlands and abroad

We don’t just debate on our own. To put our practice into action we visit tournaments both in the Netherlands and abroad. These tournaments are a great opportunity to improve your debating skills and meet a whole community of new people. During the whole year we arrange trips to these tournaments while also partially covering the costs of these trips. Now a tournament might sound scary or intimidating, but because this is the case for every new debater we also visit novice tournaments. These tournaments are only open to debaters with less than a year experience and are the perfect place to start meeting the European debating community. 

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