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We are the International Student Association, bringing Dutch and international students together. And Cosmos isn’t just an association, it’s a friendly and welcoming community meant for everyone that wants to celebrate cultural diversity. We organize many events throughout the year, ranging from potlucks and trips through the Netherlands to cocktail nights! If you are interested in making friends from all over the world then Cosmos is the place for you!

About us

The Common Room is the community room of Cosmos. It's open during most academic days to provide a living room away from home. We have a kitchen for cooking, couches for relaxing, and tables for studying. Creating a space for people to chill, talk and work together. If you ever have a spare hour on campus, feel free to drop by! (Did we mention there's free tea and coffee as well?)

At Cosmos we also have many committees, in charge of hosting events big and small! From parties with hundreds of paricipants to casual weekend events, there's a Cosmos committee for everyone! If you like our vibe and want to play an active role in Cosmos then join the Discord or ask our volunteers about the opportunities we have.

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