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As Cosmos we aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for the international students at the TU/e. We strongly promote mutual integration of Dutch and international students in Eindhoven by organizing a variety of internationally oriented events. We provide a voice for international students within the TU/e community on all issues related to student life on campus.

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Eight years ago, before the large student housing buildings of La Luna and Aurora existed on the TU/e campus, the university provided some international students very modest and limited living quarters known as “space boxes”. These were small studio apartments, similar to temporary housing you might see for construction workers at job sites. They were always meant to be a temporary solution, but after many students expressed interest for a “common area”, the TU/e set aside a room in De Bunker, a student center just outside campus. A small committee was founded to manage the room, and soon the committee branched out to organizing events and other activities directed towards international students.

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