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ESRV Concorde

ESRV Concorde is the sports association for all students in and around Eindhoven with an interest in equestrian sport. Our association has been active in the student life in Eindhoven for more than 15 years. Through member activities, lessons and competitions these students can share their passion for equestrian sports.


About us

Concorde makes riding a tough, yet elegant and noble sport.

Horse riding is a noble sport, but is often associated with 'horse-girls' and 'dullness'. E.S.R.V. Concorde makes horse riding a tough, yet elegant sport. Together with stable Sonniushof in Son, Concorde offers lessons for riders, varying from beginners to advanced. If you are interested in coming, you can participate in our classes. In addition, Concorde organizes once a year a beginner’s course of 10 lessons with the aim to learn the basics of horseback riding.

For more information about riding, visit the website of the Eindhoven Student horseriding Association Concorde.

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