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ESSF stands for Eindhoven student sport federation.

About us

We are the link between the board of the student sport centre (SSC) and the sports card holders. We represent all members of the student sport associations and all other students that own a sports card. If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to walk by our office in the SSC or send us an email.

Our sports associations

Sports Association

All Terrain

All Terrain is a student sports association which mainly focuses on outdoor sports.



Sports association

Avalanche boarders

Avalanche Boarders is an approachable association for everyone interested in boardsports.

Sports association

SPV Blue

The start of your journey in the aerial acrobatics!

Sports association


E.S.Z.V. Boreas is the student sailing association in Eindhoven. Sailing for every student: from beginner to pro!

Sports association

ESRV Concorde

ESRV Concorde is the sports association for all students in and around Eindhoven with an interest in equestrian sport. Our association has...

Da Vinci

Sports association

E.S.G.V de Club

We are the student golf society in Eindhoven. As a member of E.S.G.V. de Club you will get: Two practice evenings a week with our PGA...

Sports association

E.S.H.V. Don Quishoot

E.S.H.V. Don Quishoot represents beginner and advanced players on the hockey field. You can find us in the 1st, 2th, and 3th halve of the...

Sports association

ESRC The Elephants

THE Elephants is the student rugby club here in Eindhoven. We're a close community of both man and woman, that like to get together and...

Sports association


The Eindhovense Studenten Alpen Club (ESAC) is the place to be if you like the mountains.

Sports association

E.S.T. Fellenoord

E.S.T. Fellenoord is the student tennis association from Eindhoven! The perfect way to combine playing tennis, having a good time and...

sports association

E.S.V.V. Hajraa

E.S.V.V. Hajraa is a student volleyball association in Eindhoven which offers volleyball on all levels! With their blue shirts and annual...

Sports association

Hoc Habet

Fencing is tactics, speed, excitement, focus, beer, winning, reflexes and mostly stabbing your mates.

Our sports associations

Our sports associations

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