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E.S.T.V. Doppio

Doppio is the student theatre association of Eindhoven. We believe: anyone can play theater. You too!


About us

Doppio is the student theatre association of Eindhoven. Every year people can enroll in productions like cabaret, textual theatre, physical theatre and a lot more. The course finishes with a performance after being directed by a professional director. For new members, Doppio offers First year productions, in which you learn the basics of theatre and get to know the association. Most productions are in Dutch, but we also have one production in English. At Doppio, we believe that everyone can play theatre. You too!

Next to theatre, Doppio offers a lot more, like introduction days, activities and parties. Shortly, everything you need to survive the student life in Eindhoven. But above all, Doppio is a place that makes you feel at home.

Contact us

  • E.S.T.V. Doppio
  • Postal address

    PO Box 513
  • Visiting address

    Luna de Plint
    De Lampendriessen 31
    5612 AH Eindhoven