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fruitpunch 2022

The vision statement of our student year for this academic year is: 
Advancing high quality education on AI and aiding the quest to ensure health for all, whilst building a vibrant and lasting community. 
The vision contains the three aspects, which we base our strategy on, these three aspects are the following: 

When providing education, we want to create a more cohesive educational program, where we connect masterclasses, lunch lectures and code sessions together in such a way that deeper understanding is found on these topics.  
A learning block provides a bigger sense of fulfilment to the participant and can be better recorded in their personal profile. 
We want to spread the world of AI to more individuals and connect people from different backgrounds.  

This includes reaching out to individuals from various educational backgrounds to get a diverse group of people to learn and solve problems together.  

Whilst uniting these individuals, we want to express our gratitude for joining the community and create easier communication between the board and members. This hopefully creates a lasting connection between members, which keeps the community active and enables growth.  
In 2021 FruitPunch Eindhoven chapter migrated to the topic of health. The first relations were made with hospitals and can be continued further this year.  

We want to strengthen these connections by providing hospitals with more educational opportunities apart from doing AI for Good Challenges.  

This way we can spread the name of FruitPunch even more in the healthcare industry. Multi annual plans are to be formed with hospitals to create lasting relations and even bigger collaborations and projects. 

Team 2022-2023

With team manager Ilse Weites

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    Ilse Weites

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