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InMotion is a student team with the ambition to shape the future of electric mobility. Charging should be just as simple as refueling, that is why we have the ambition to develop a new way of fast charging. To prove this technology, we are planning to compete in the 24h of Le Mans with a completely electric car.

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The biggest factor why people hesitate to switch to fully electric cars is charge anxiety, where can I charge and how long does it take. As of right now, we think that even “fast charging” is just too slow, that is why we envision a future in which charging should take the same time as refueling your car at the gas station. To do this a completely new technology has to be developed. To prove this technology, we set the goal to be the first fully electric car that competes in the most iconic race on the globe: the 24 of Le Mans. We will compete in the Garage 56 class, a class that is designed for innovative concepts. As many technologies now found in our normal cars have originated in racing cars, we believe that this is our way to shape the future of electric mobility.

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