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E.S.S.V. Isis is the ice student ice skating association of Eindhoven! We provide iceskating for the very beginner and the very best.


About us

Are you the new Sven Kramer or Ireen Wüst? Students who would like to learn how to ice skate or want to improve their techniques, are able to train two times a week at the Ice Sport Centre in Eindhoven. It is also possible to compete in official (student)competitions and tournaments, these competitions are available for the beginner and the more serious skater.

Besides the regular training moments, each year, a trainingscamp is organised by Isis to an exotic, but chilly destination. During the summer, members of E.S.S.V. Isis will stay fit by running (drytraining), road cycling and road skating. If you are a total beginner and have never ice skated before, or you are already advanced and serious, E.S.S.V. Isis has a spot for everybody! Do you not have any ice skates? No problem, Isis has enough ice skates you could rent! Are you only interested in the dry- and road cycling training during our summer season? Maybe the summer membership is something for you!

You can visit our website for more information about E.S.S.V. Isis.

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