• Study association


    CHEOPS, Study Association of the Built Environment is the main study association of the faculty of the Built Environment representing her…

  • Student debating association


    Chronos is the debating association of Eindhoven. We host a weekly debate night with dinner and drinks, as well as several other events…

  • Staff association

    Colleagues United

    As a staff association we offer employees all kinds of opportunities for relaxation and personal development in the field of culture, art…

  • LGBTQIA+ Community


    Compass provides a fully inclusive community for LGBTQIA+ people, as well as straight cis friends and allies. Our goal is to celebrate…

  • Umbrella organization of student association

    Compositum ‘Communis Opinio’

    Compositum is the umbrella organization of the three big student associations in Eindhoven.

  • Study association


    The Honors Study Association Confluente is the study association of the Honors Academy at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

  • team core
    Energy transition, Recycling, Artificial Intelligence


    focuses on researching and enabling the recycling of hard-to-process waste streams like e-waste and contaminated soil

  • cultural association


    We are the International Student Association, bringing Dutch and international students together. And Cosmos isn’t just an association, it’s…

  • Religion umbrella association


    Credo was formerly the umbrella association, representing all spiritual and philosophical student associations. As of January 2022, these…

  • Study association

    D.S.A. Pattern

    Data Science Association Pattern is the study association for all Data Science students.

  • University Council party

    DAS Eindhoven

    DAS Eindhoven is the student fraction in the University Council that focuses on the ambitious students that want to develop themselves…

  • PhD association

    E.P.A. Nexus

    Eindhoven PhD Association (E.P.A.) Nexus is the association for all PhD candidates of the TU/e.