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    Acro Yoga SSC

    Acro yoga is a cocktail of yoga, acrobatics and fun. The practice involves usually 2 or 3 people which explore different balancing...

  • Sports Association

    All Terrain

    All Terrain is a student sports association which mainly focuses on outdoor sports.

  • Sports association

    Avalanche boarders

    Avalanche Boarders is an approachable association for everyone interested in boardsports.

  • Sports association


    E.S.Z.V. Boreas is the student sailing association in Eindhoven. Sailing for every student: from beginner to pro!

  • Sports association

    E.S.G.V de Club

    We are the student golf society in Eindhoven. As a member of E.S.G.V. de Club you will get: Two practice evenings a week with our PGA...

  • Sports association

    E.S.H.V. Don Quishoot

    E.S.H.V. Don Quishoot represents beginner and advanced players on the hockey field. You can find us in the 1st, 2th, and 3th halve of the...

  • Sports association

    E.S.K.V. Odin

    E.S.K.V. Odin is the strength sports association for everyone. Want to get fit, strong, ripped? Come lift with us!

  • Sports association

    E.S.R ThĂȘta

    E.S.R. ThĂȘta is the student rowing association of Eindhoven. Our goal is to compete in rowing on all levels: from amateur to Olympian.

  • Sports association

    E.S.T. Fellenoord

    E.S.T. Fellenoord is the student tennis association from Eindhoven! The perfect way to combine playing tennis, having a good time and...

  • sports association


    E.S.T.T.V. TAVERES is the table tennis club for students in Eindhoven with plastic balls.

  • sports association

    E.S.V.V. Hajraa

    E.S.V.V. Hajraa is a student volleyball association in Eindhoven which offers volleyball on all levels! With their blue shirts and annual...

  • Sports association

    E.S.W.V. WETH

    E.S.W.V. WETH is the student wind- and kitesurfing association of Eindhoven. We love to surf, kite, wake, BBQ and have a beer together!

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