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  • Student debating association


    Chronos is the debating association of Eindhoven. Every monday evening we host debates on all sorts of topics.

  • Compass

    Compass is a community of TU/e lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, questioning, queer, asexual students and employees.

  • Cultural association

    E.S.T.V. Doppio

    Doppio is the student theatre association of Eindhoven. We believe: anyone can play theater. You too!

  • Cultural association

    ESFF Dekate Mousa

    Dekate Mousa is the student film and photography association of Eindhoven. We come together to have fun and practice our photography skills.

  • Cultural association

    ESMG Quadrivium

    ESMG Quadrivium is the student association for classical music in Eindhoven.

  • Cultural association


    Footloose is Eindhovens student dancing association! We have ballet, salsa, hiphop, zouk, modern-jazz and ballroom, but most of all lots of...

  • Cultural association

    JCES Kinjin

    Kinjin is the Japanese culture association of Eindhoven to provide a nice and fun place for everyone who is interested in the Japanese...

  • Cultural association

    Knights of the Kitchen Table

    ESRG Knights of the Kitchen Table is The student tabletop and role-play association in the heart of Eindhoven.

  • Cultural Association

    La Tuniña

    La Tuniña: female student association that plays Spanish music. We'll teach you how to play an instrument & together we perform, travel &...

  • Cultural umbrella association


    Scala is the cultural umbrella association, representing all cultural student associations and aiming to strengthen the bond between them.

  • Cultural association

    Studentproof Jazz

    Studentproof Jazz is the association for student jazz in Eindhoven. We welcome musicians and enthusiasts of all kinds of levels and genres.