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Pusphaira is the student football association of Eindhoven with a combination of performance and recreational football with a student culture.

About us

Pusphaira is a growing association, both in sportive sense and in member growth. At this moment Pusphaira has 11 teams; 7 men’s team and 3 women’s teams. The first man’s team play’s in the 4th division of the KNVB and the first ladies team play’s in the 3rd division of the KNVB. Because both our men’s and women’s teams play at different levels there is always a team suited for you. Pusphaira is also known for its numerous activities outside of the football field. We organize two tournaments each year, the International tournament and an open student tournament (the 5x5 tournament) and we organize non-football related events like the club evenings and a ski trip.
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Contact us

  • Pusphaira Board
  • Postal address

    Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1
    5612 AW Eindhoven
  • Visiting address

    Sportpark de Hondsheuvels
    J.C. Dirkxpad 3
    5631 BZ Eindhoven

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