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SensUs is the annual international student competition on sensors for health

About us

Healthcare is developing towards a world wherein care is delivered in a highly personalized manner, attuned to the needs of individual patients, based on actual, precise and reliable data. Real-time personal sensing devices will become more and more important; these will change healthcare in the 21st century for the best possible diagnosing, monitoring, coaching and treatment of people. Biosensors will become smaller, faster, more integrated, more specific and more sensitive.
SensUs strives to accelerate the development of sensors for health and to stimulate education and innovation in the field of biosensing. This is realized by organizing the unique annual SensUs student competition with worldwide impact and by creating a community around this competition.

The SensUs competition

The mission of SensUs is to stimulate the development of biosensors in a friendly competitive manner whereby students make and design innovative biosensors. Each year, a societally impactful indicator of health is chosen as objective in collaboration with different stakeholders.

The participating teams come from 11 countries and 4 different continents. Those teams consist of students from multiple scientific disciplines. Biosensing technologies are inherently multidisciplinary. To be successful, the teams need to creatively combine molecular technologies and device technologies.

The style of the competition is ‘friendly competitive’. Teams of students compete for different prizes. However, it is equally important that teams learn from each other, share information, and sow seeds for international collaboration.

SensUs Organization

SensUs is organized for students by students. The organization of SensUs consists of second and third year bachelor students of different fields at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It is a very multidisciplinary team, in which every member contributes in their own way to innovation of future healthcare. Our organization has been founded by professor Menno Prins.


Chairs & Co

Chairs & Co is the department that is responsible for the general overview of the organization.


The Events department is responsible for the logistics of the Innovation Days in August.

External Relations

External Relations is the department responsible for recruiting and maintaining relations with partners and sponsors.

Public Relations

The Public Relations department of the SensUs Organization is responsible for public relations and marketing.


The Technology department is responsible for the testing of the biosensors during the Contest

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