Student association


SSRE is a student associations in Eindhoven. Students of all studies come together to make the best out of their student life!

About us

A.s.v. SSRE is the most diverse and one of the biggest student associations in Eindhoven. Students of all studies, TU/e and Fontys, come together at our clubhouse to drink a beer, participate in activities, relax and maintain their contacts. The aim is to make the best out of your student life and do something more than only studying! It is possible to join our association every year during the introductionweek. After you have joined us you create a club of around 15 students of your year, these clubs can be called horizontal connections. These clubs often form close, long-lasting friendships. SSRE also has sororities and fraternities, which consist out of students of various years. These clubs are therefore called vertical connections. In this way you make a lot of new friends in a small amount of time, from which you will always benefit. Besides partying, SSRE can offer you a lot more. You can e.g. challenge yourself by doing a committee or a board year and organize various activities, which will make you develop yourself.


Yearly, SSRE organizes the Stadscantus. This is a feast where 450 students sing songs, drink beer and have a great time!

National Championship Policy Debating

SSRE also organizes a championship in debating every year; The Nederlands Kampioenschap BeleidsDebatteren. Students, but also companies or politicians, everyone, can join the competition. Actual theses are debated in teams and the one with the best arguments wins!


Limitless is a open party for every student. It is organized by SSRE a few times a year.

La Louche

SSRE has a gamble subassociation. They can be hired for every activity. What are the odds?


Another subgroup is our indoor soccer team. The members of this team are all from SSRE. They join the competition of the TU/e.

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