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team CASA


the comfortable, affordable and sustainable alternative for Dutch social housing

Our mission

Team CASA is committed to expediting the energy transition by developing Comfortable, Affordable, Sustainable and Alternative solutions that contribute to innovation in the built environment.

We achieve this by connecting students along with the right partners in the public and private industries.

CASA 1.0

Team CASA was founded in 2016 with a vision to “accelerate the energy transition towards sustainable living”. This evolved into the development of a Comfortable, Affordable, Sustainable Alternative (CASA) for the Dutch social housing industry, as the team’s first major project: CASA 1.0.

Now, team CASA has evolved into a student team comprising of over thirty members from a wide variety of disciplines and a history of great achievements.

New project

For the next CASA project, we aim to integrate the realization of a small-scale hydrogen system to fulfil energy needs. Along with other innovative solutions, we want to create a sustainable space for present and future use. Our energy ambition is to integrate biomass, solar power and hydrogen into electricity.

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    Matrix building 1.239
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    PO Box 513
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