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Team Daedalus

Developing a solar-powered autonomous drone capable of prolonged aerial surveillance

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Infrastructure needs to be continuously monitored for safety and reliability. Many times, the remote and inaccessible nature of the terrain on which it’s built amounts to costly surveillance operations. Current solutions include helicopters, ground-teams or drones with limited flight-time.

Our vision is to help ensure the safety and reliability of critical infrastructure networks through a medium that doubles as a tool for humanitarian work. We’re developing a solar-powered autonomous drone capable of prolonged aerial surveillance, to be used by construction firms and NGOs alike. By flying continuously, it provides cheaper, more complete coverage than current solutions.

Current drones have no on-board power generation system, therefore suffering from limited flight time. By using solar power, our drone will be able to fly for much longer.

Student team Daedalus makes a drone that can fly forever

A drone that can fly forever, that’s what student team Daedalus is working on. The solar-powered autonomous drone generates its own energy. It simultaneously stores some of this energy for when it flies without sufficient sunlight. Theoretically, this allows the drone to remain airborne indefinitely.

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