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Team Daedalus

Developing a solar-powered autonomous drone capable of prolonged aerial surveillance

team daedalus prototype
Prototype team Daedalus

Student team Daedalus aims to empower humanitarian institutions through a platform for sustained aerial surveillance.  

By developing a semi-autonomous solar-powered drone, the team is creating a useful tool for a range of long-distance operations: search & rescue; anti-poaching; wildfire detection and monitoring. Students are currently focusing on creating prototypes iteratively, with the goal of reaching 24h of continuous flight within the following few years. 

team daedalus 2022-23

Team 2022 - 2023

with team manager Daniel Riechmann 

Student team Daedalus makes a drone that can fly forever

A drone that can fly forever, that’s what student team Daedalus is working on. The solar-powered autonomous drone generates its own energy. It simultaneously stores some of this energy for when it flies without sufficient sunlight. Theoretically, this allows the drone to remain airborne indefinitely.

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