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Team Energy

Team Energy realizes events to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy. We aim to inform, inspire and connect students.

About us

The TU/e students of today will be the engineers of tomorrow. We believe that an important step in the energy transition lies in informing and inspiring these future generations about the different ways in which they can contribute to the energy transition. Cooperation between students from different technical disciplines, researchers and professionals allows us to share knowledge and innovative ideas, and to create new opportunities to challenge the status quo.

Team Energy is a group of enthusiastic, motivated and talented students interested in the current energy transition. The energy transition is a topic with high societal relevance; some important changes need to be made in order to maintain the current standard of living. To initiate these changes is challenging: not only awareness and willingness are needed, but also new creative ideas and smart technical innovations. This led us to create the following mission:

Hypermile Challenge

Team Hypermile is creating a race were students get the opportunity to hypermile with an electric car. Using different driving techniques a better energy efficiency and thus more range with the same charge can be achieved. Several checkpoints along the race challenges the student to think critically about the role of the electric car in the energy transition, where the student can either win or lose valuable charge on the way to the finish line.

Energy Now

Energy Now is a congress directly related to the current energy transition. Our goal is to inspire, interest, and connect students, professionals and companies to take elegant action in the transition towards sustainable energy. This event creates a bright perspective on the energy transition by focusing on the opportunities it creates in the present rather than in the future. Promising innovations and developments in the field of energy are highlighted from the perspectives of research, academics, companies and entrepreneurs. The event strengthens the connection between students, business people and researchers to learn from each other.

The Energy Challenge

Team Challenge organizes a contest in which students can compete towards the best sustainable concept based on this year’s theme. Throughout the competition aspiring speakers, educational workshops and expert feedback will bring your concept to the next level. At the end of the event the best idea will be chosen by the judges and will be the winner of The Energy Challenge 2018!

The Energy Café

Enjoying a drink together while learning about energy. Energy café offers companies the opportunity to present themselves to students in a short pitch combined with a practical case. There is plenty of room to have a discussion about possible solution and the energy transition in general, in a very casual and informal setting. At the end of the evening students will present their ideas about how to solve the case problem.

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