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A team of creative engineers showing the world the potential of light, and what influence it has on human behavior

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Ignite with Ballroom
Ballroom project at Glow



Team IGNITE is a student team of over 40 creative engineers from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys Hogescholen, and Eindhoven Design Academy.  

We want to show the world the potential of light, and what influence it has on human behavior. We combine light, tech and design in light installations, with the purpose of bringing people together by creating sustainable, interactive, innovative and magical light art.  

All our projects include the following three elements: bringing people together, focusing on problems in society, and they make use of technologies in ways they have never been used before.  
Team IGNITE originated in 2018 and has done multiple projects for GLOW, with Hypar and Ballroom, since then. The team kept on growing and developing itself to the point that it became an official student team and the first art & tech team of Eindhoven University of Technology in 2022.   
Nowadays, we are a student community with a management team and multiple light design projects. We stimulate our team members to help each other out, to share knowledge and to cocreate.  

The team aims to create a safe environment where community members can explore and improve their technical, design, and management skills.  

The most unique aspect of the team is that we collaborate intensively with the Brainport region, by designing solutions for light design challenges for a great variety of stakeholders, and by collaborating with other businesses in the realization of our projects. 

Ignite project GLOW 2022

Team 2022 - 2023

Team IGNITE with team manager Noortje van Velzen



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