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Various companies especially interested in TU/e students have emphasized the importance of professional skills. In the high-performance workplaces of today, people need to be able to present themselves, be creative, show (self) leadership and adopt an entrepreneurial attitude towards their work and their lives. Therefore, professional skills such as presentation skills, teamwork skills and writing skills are more important than ever. Young professionals need to bring more to the table than their technical knowledge and an engineering degree. It is our ambition to offer students a platform where the can develop the skills they need to get the career they want.


You are probably not aware about the many assumptions you make when you meet someone. In our teamwork workshop you get the chance to understand how words can have a completely different effect on people compared to what you think. When you are aware of this, and you know how to pick up those signals, you can benefit from this in both your professional and personal life.

Presentation skills

We believe that great presenters are not born, they are made. Made by the unavoidable process of hitting the dirt before going sky high. That’s why we provide you with place to try, fail and improve your presentation skills.


In the workshops that address academic writing skills, important facets of writing different sections of your thesis will be discussed. Although each of these different chapters tells their own part of the thesis story, similar writing schemes can be used to successfully write that particular section. Readability strategies can and have to be applied in your entire thesis and will therefore mainly be covered during these workshops.

Other skills

Besides teamwork skills, presentations skills and academic writing skills we also address every other skill you can think of, for example time management, creativity skills and project management.

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