Isidoros Kotinis

Isidoros is a 23 year old student that graduated from Applied Physics. He is currently doing a pre master for Industrial Design. He is half Greek half Dutch. 

Next to his studies, Isidoros plays basketball with Tantalus, the basketball association. He combines this with being a member of the activity committee “SHART”. They are in charge of organizing activities in Tantalus such as the Carnival Super Friday where members watched the basketball game dressed in costumes and the best costume was awarded. “We also had beer olympics and once went to a jumping trampoline park because you can have fun without alcohol too.”

Not only does Isidoros play basketball but he is also in the faction of Groep-één and is part of the university council. “After 4 years at TU/e, Groep-één felt like the right option because through all these years I’ve picked up a lot of things from conversations about our university and what can be done better.” The first time he interacted with Groep-één was during a session where students discussed what could be done better in the scope of sustainability on campus and went from problem to possible solutions.  

To Isidoros, the best thing about being part of Groep-één is making a lot of connections and networking with other students. “It also makes me keep my eyes open on what other people’s interests may be. You can't try all hobbies, but through other people you can learn a lot of things.” Within Tantalus he shares a passion with his team towards basketball and has a strong sense of connection when playing against other teams.  

Still feeling hesitant? This is Isidoros’ take on dealing with hesitancy when joining an association: 

“I was hesitant when I joined a sports committee at my study association because I was afraid of the commitment as I wanted to have freedom. Then I realized that as long as you make expectations clear and clearly communicate how many hours you would like to invest then you will benefit a lot. There are so many things to learn from soft skills to hard skills, depending on the association but also just networking and having someone to talk to and of course socialize with.”