Lora Simic

Lora is a 20 year old Computer Science & Engineering student from Croatia.

At the beginning of her study, Lora wanted to do something that she was familiar with so that she could feel more comfortable at university. This is how she joined IMPACT, the boxing association. She is currently the secretary of the association where she takes on serious roles other than training. For example she helps with organizing social drinks and tournaments where people get to visit other clubs and experience different styles of kickboxing. 

Lora is also an active member of her study association GEWIS. But how did she join that association? “I have social anxiety and I’m scared of how to meet new people but I was able to literally walk into an activity and everybody was happy to start a conversation with me”. She made many friends there and is now active in multiple committees such as the study trip committee and an audit committee that does the book keeping.  

Are you a person that is hesitant about joining an association? This is the advice Lora has for you: 

“If you are doubting whether you should join or not, go see it and try it out. Maybe you will find your place there. If you don't like it just look elsewhere. There are plenty of associations so you will definitely find somewhere you belong.”