Rowin Versteeg

Rowin, 23, graduated last year from Computer Science & Engineering. He is from the Netherlands. 

“Kinjin was the association that exactly matched my interests” 

6 years ago, during his first year at university, Rowin joined the open culture week where he first interacted with Kinjin, the Japanese culture association. After joining a few activities and speaking with the members, Rowin was hooked. Now, he is wrapping up his year as chairman and he definitely enjoyed every second of it.  “I am probably the person that spends most time in Kinjin because I am sometimes here 4 or 5 evenings a week while still doing other board tasks on the weekend.” 

At Kinjin, a broad range of activities are organized, these take place in the evenings and vary from Japanese board games to even Karaoke evenings. The members that organize these activities are free to spend as many hours a week depending on how much they want to do. 

Rowin has the following message to students hesitant of joining an association: 

“Mail the association you are interested in and ask them to join an activity. Most associations will be happy to let you in. If you are interested in multiple associations, join an activity for each and see which one you would like the most. Kinjin is also always open; you can send an email and join one of our activities too!”