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UniPartners Eindhoven is an innovative concept in the world of consultancy. We are the bridge between students and companies. You can work as a consultant within a company or develop yourself during a traineeship or in one of our committees!



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UniPartners is full of possibilities to make you excel and get the most out of your time here at the university. We are a network of motivated and ambitious students, who realize that development is more than just studying alone. We give you the unique opportunity to directly apply your academic knowledge into practice. Since 1987 board members of UniPartners are working hard to offer students the chance to gain experience in business. We are motivated by students that challenge and motivate themselves.

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Development 3D scanner

At UniPartners we carry out several high-quality technical projects, which are based on up-to-date academic knowledge. Many domains we cope with have common ground with IT. From Process Mining to Computer vision and from back-end development to simulation
During a recent project we developed a 3D-scanner for the industry, in which several specialisms had to be combined. IT knowledge was necessary, but also knowledge of product development and image processing. Can you imagine carrying out such a project?


Development and implementation of visualization tool in healthcare

Currently elderly care is not considered a an interesting or hot topic for care students. Students from ROC Tilburg find care in hospitals more attractive, because it is considered as a more dynamic department. A visualization tool, like Virtual Reality, can provide more insight in interesting aspects of elderly care in a way that is more appealing to students. The goal of the project is on the one hand the development of a visualization tool to provide more insight in the overall care process of elderly. On the other hand, the integration of the visualization tool as education material. For this material all the experience in elderly care are included and the development was done in collaborations with a care student and a client.

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