Workshop Dealing with Pressure and Stress

Deadlines, growing responsibilities, the amount of work as such, other people claiming your attention, creating time for networking, building on a future career, having a private life… 

Proceeding your career, it’s inevitable you will need to learn how to deal with pressure, and the stress it may cause. Although the external stress factors may be similar, and the way humans react to stressful situations shows patterns, we all do have our unique ways to react.  And we need to find out how to deal with it personally.

This practical, hands on workshop is set up as a ‘laboratory’ in which you will analyze, research and explore what brings you stress and pressure, how it shows up, and what you can do to reduce it and deal with it. You will learn from others, share knowledge and experience. Active participation. Practical exploration in exercises. 

After the workshop you will have increased insight in what causes you stress and a feeling of pressure, what your favourite ways are to react on it, and you will have learned, tried out and chosen for yourself a couple of tools that can directly be applied in practice. 

Exercises are based on neuroscientific research (Pittman and Karle), Leadership Embodiment (Wendy Palmer), practical wisdom from martial arts and holistic health (Aikido, mindfulness, Qi Gong), tacit, embodied knowledge from the theatre (Arielle’s original profession), biology (Anouk’s original field of study), leadership training (ao Steven Covey), and new science on integral leadership and dealing with increasing complexity (Spiral Dynamics Integral, Integral Theory/Wilber).


  • Mapping general, objective stress and pressure factors in science today
  • Find external resources for reducing pressure and stress
  • Theoretical background of stress, the brain and the body
  • Exploring personal stress factors and reactions 
  • Exercises: 
    • Find your unique personal motivation – ao Sinek
    • From stress to flow in 1 minute –Leadership Embodiment
    • Focus and widespread attention – ao Covey, L.E., art of theatre
    • Cognitive ‘rewiring’ –based on RET, The Work, art of theatre 
    • Time perception and relaxation –meditative, martial arts and health practices
    • Taking on leadership

The program will be adjusted in relation to the needs of the participants.

Your trainers
Arielle Brouwer
 is a senior level coach and trainer, certified Spiral Dynamics Integral practioner, Qi Gong teacher, Leadership Embodiment (L.E.) practioner, and former theatre artist. She has developed many training programs for universities and companies on topics of personal & professional development, leadership, presentation, gender and cultural differences, presentation and communication skills. Arielle is a master in SelfChange and invented the Human Reality Lab as a framework for experiential, embodied learning.

More information on Arielle can be found at: and  

Anouk Brack is an international expert in leadership development, certified Leadership Embodiment trainer, mindfulness practioner, public speaker, author of the Dutch book “Verborgen dimensies van leiderschap’, and once graduated as a biologist at WUR. She has 20+ years of experience working as coach and trainer for many organizations, focussing on integral leadership development. She combines western science with eastern wisdom and creates practical tools and exercises for increasing decisiveness and taking on purposeful leadership. More information on Anouk can be found at: and

If you want to attend the workshop, please register at: before January 28, 2019.