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ZES zweefvliegclub Eindhovense Studenten

Ever thought of learning how to fly? Join us and fulfil your dream, become a glider pilot, for affordable prices, next to your studies!

Are you crazy about flying?

Since the 60’s, the ZES has been teaching university students how to fly gliders. From day one, you will be sitting in the front seat of the glider and will start getting acquainted with the controls of the plane. After a few months you can make your first solo-flight, in which you will experience the incredible joys of flying and freedom in the skies! Besides a gliding club that teaches you everything about flying, the ZES is also a student association and a big happy family. Borrels, parties, special activities, gliding-camps and ski-trips are all part of the routine of our members! We also have a house located right in the heart of Eindhoven. Flying and living with the ZES is more affordable than just about every student room in Eindhoven! Don’t wait any longer and come fly with us to make your years in Eindhoven even more fun!