e/MTIC courses

These courses are an initiative by e/MTIC (eindhoven/MedTech Innovation Center) and organized by SMPE/e (School of Medical Physics and Engineering/eindhoven).


The e/MTIC courses are organized for e/MTIC researchers. These courses are also open for participants  from other TU/e health care related projects (from TU/e and external partners). If  not directly e/MTIC related and interested in joining the e/MTIC courses, please send your question on participation to


  Courses: afternoon [14-17hrs]  & Webinars: evening [19.00-20.30 hrs]
September 14 e/MTIC course: Clinical Regulatory
September 28 e/MTIC course: Intellectual Property
October 12 e/MTIC course: Data Regulatory

SMPE/e Courses for Medical Engineers in Healthcare

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