e/MTIC 'Intellectual Property'


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Similar Course - Philips
If you have already taken a similar course in the past within Philips (Invention Disclosure Workshop) then you already have the required knowledge and you do not need to enroll again.

Course contents

In this half day course all facets of intellectual property are introduced. This includes the background of intellectual property and laws, an overview of all major types of intellectual property, including copyright, trademark, design rights and patents.

Most emphasis will be on patents, such as the requirements to obtain a patent, how patents are structured, how to read them and the use and value of patents. There is also a section on procedures from invention to granted patent, including internal Philips and e/MTIC procedures. All of this is illustrated with many examples of how things work in practice.

The workshop is very interactive and features some smaller and larger exercises to check comprehension during the course.

Course objective

After this course you will have a good working knowledge intellectual property and how it can support your own work and what role it plays in e/MTIC and in society as a whole.

This is a topic that is rarely touched upon in education, certainly not in this detail, but it is very valuable knowledge (and skill) for your further career, particularly in industry.

The general feedback from many participants is that they understand the importance of intellectual property, how to apply this in their daily work, and that they did not expect that intellectual property could actually be a lot of fun!

Course information

2023- A new date will be communicated A.S.A.P.

  • Date: not yet known
  • Time: 14-17 hrs
  • Location: TU/e, room not yet known
  • Costs: free of charge, with a no show, € 50 will be charged
    (a presentation list will be circulated)
  • You can cancel upto the Thursday, date not yet known:  2023, 1 week beforehand.
  • This course is obligatory for all e/MTIC PhD’s and PostDocs
  • Registration deadline: Monday, date not yet known: 12:00 hrs

Course coordination

  • Course contents: Dennis Versteeg, IP Business Partner MR & DXR, Dutch and European Patent Attorney, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, Philips
  • Course registration: Annebee Langenhuizen, Course coordinator SMPEe/ courses,