FBS - Fluids, Bio and Soft Matter

The cluster Fluids, Bio and Soft Matter consists of the groups Molecular Biosensing for Medical Diagnostics (MBx), Transport in Permeable Media (TPM), Soft Matter and Biological Physics (SMB), and Fluids and Flows (F&F). MBx focuses on biosensing with single-molecule resolution using nanoparticles, with a view towards developing novel health monitoring technologies. TPM addresses the topics of transport and phase changes in complex permeable media, with the goal of developing novel materials for energy-related applications. SMB advances theoretical and simulation approaches of soft and biological materials in the context of the mechanobiology of cells and tissues, as well as functional soft materials. F&F focuses on complex fluids and flows, and specifically on turbulence and environmental fluid mechanics, multiphase flows and active matter, and micro- and nanohydrodynamics. Shared interests between the individual groups are found in the themes rheology of active biofluids, transport in multicomponent systems, and particle biosensors.

Research quality

The research quality of the cluster is uniformly outstanding, as evidenced by numerous high-profile publications in both disciplinary (e.g., Physical Review Letters, Nano Letters, Applied Energy) and broader journals (e.g., Nature, PNAS, Langmuir), as well as by citation data. The quality of the cluster’s faculty is further highlighted by numerous prizes, awards and research society fellowships, as well as journal editorships.

Relevance to society

The target areas of ‘BioEngineering Health’ and ‘Materials for Energy’ have high societal relevance in light of an aging population accompanied by the health industry’s growing share of the economy, as well as the energy-related challenges posed by climate change. These topics are well aligned with the PIs’ areas of expertise and the general goals that are of importance to the University.