Departmental Council

The Applied Physics departmental council (FRN) is the participation body of the Applied Physics department of Eindhoven University of Technology and comprises five students and five employees. The council’s main task is to monitor critically the general work of the department and may make proposals to the departmental board as well as making viewpoints known. The council has similar powers to those of the University Council, focusing particularly on matters affecting the departments.

These powers can be roughly divided into four categories:

  • Right to approve
    In the event of certain radical decisions by the departmental board, such as a departmental reorganization or setting/amending the education and examination regulations (OER), approval by the departmental council is required. 
  • Right to advise
    For matters like the appointment of the dean of the department, the departmental board is obliged to listen to the departmental council.
  • Right to initiate
    De departmental council may submit plans on its own initiative. The departmental board is obliged to consider these or to counter with its own plan.
  • Right to information
    The departmental council may inspect departmental documents and post.

The tasks and powers of the departmental council are contained in the 'Higher education and scientific research act', the TU/e Management Regulations and the Departmental regulations.

In the departmental council of the Applied Physics department there are five employees and five students. The 'Employees' representation is chosen for two calendar years; the 'Students' representation is chosen on an annual basis. The council members are;

Members departmental council Applied Physics (per 03-01-2022)

Lavrijsen, R. (Reinoud)

Elst, D.M.J. van (Don)

Tao, S. (Shuxia)

Schrader, A. (Ab)

Pel, L. (Leo)


Winkel, M.W.G. (Max)

Brake, S.J. van de (Siebrand)

Lampe, S.A.F. (Sabien)

Esseling, B. (Ben)
van Leendert, L. (Luuk)

Minutes secretary (from 1 januari 2023) Anne Oor