Workshop ‘Strong Coupling with Organic Molecules’

16 April to 18 April
08:30 - 14:30
Auditorium, Eindhoven University of Technology
From 31 January
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This workshop will cover the emerging field of strongly coupled organic materials with light. The interest in this field is tremendous as strong coupling enables to change materials properties in a way that we could not even image a few years ago. The idea is simple: the properties of organic materials (e.g. how organic materials transport electrical charge or emit light in organic devices such as solar cells or OLED displays) are determined by the internal structure of the individual molecules and the interactions with neighboring molecules. These properties can be drastically changed if the molecules are embedded in optical cavities. In these case, the molecules will couple with the light (photons) in the cavity sharing their properties. This fundamental phenomenon could lead to more efficient solar cells, improved catalysis or better light emission from organic materials. An impressive list of invited speakers will join the workshop. Among these speakers, we should specially mention Thomas Ebbessen, director of the Institut de Science et d’Ingenierie Supramoleculaires I.S.I.S. in Strasbourg  and Kavli Prize winner in Nanoscience 2014 (

Deadline for abstract submission is February 15.

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