Internship at M2i/Apptech
A graduate student from the Department of Applied Physics did an internship at M2i/Philips Apptech, working on research into the water vapor permeability of films. There is not currently a method for quickly and accurately measuring this, and as such, industry demand is great. NXP, Fujifilm and TU Delft were also involved in the project, in a consulting capacity.

The Plasma Materials & Processing group works with Fuji Photo Film Tilburg Research Laboratories on research into silicon dioxide barriers produced with an atmospheric plasma treatment. A student in the TU/e Master in Applied Physics program did an internship at Fujifilm, working on a project that used optical technology (FTIR & SE) to assess/determine the quality of these silicon dioxide barriers. The findings showed that a higher deposition temperature and special climate chamber treatment resulted in better barriers. 

Magnetic EBID nanostructures at FNA, a collaboration with FEI Company
The collaboration between FNA (Physics of Nanostructures) and FEI Company began in 2007 after the group acquired a FEI Nova Nanolab 600i ‘dualbeam’ electron microscope system.
Since then, three master students have worked closely with the company, utilizing the new microscope extensively.
The work with FEI has focused on the characterization and application of new experimental precursors containing iron, precursors which are hoped to yield ferromagnetic deposits.