Accelerator Technologies BV, AccTec, delivers ion beams for the production of radionuclides, for research and for nuclear analysis methods. AccTec possesses a  30 MV cyclotron and a 3.5 MV singletron.

Acctec operates the cyclotron for the production of radionuclides, with which third parties produce radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic radiology in hospitals. c30 IBA cyclotron 30MeVThe singletron is operated  for materials research using nuclear analytical techniques for both academic groups as well as industry.

AccTec is also a supplier of advanced radiofrequency components and electronic units for 50-100 kV electron beam handling, under the name ‘Poor Man’s X-FEL’. The technology is based on developments in the Department of Applied Physics of Eindhoven University of Technology.

More information may be found on the AccTec website: