TTW OTP submission ‘BioMonitor’ awarded for 900K

There is a need for biosensing technologies that will enable the continuous biochemical monitoring of patients. Such sensors are already available for glucose monitoring, but the underlying sensing principle (enzyme-based electrochemical detection) is not generally applicable for the monitoring of other biomarkers, such as proteins, peptides, and small molecules (e.g. metabolites and drugs). Here we propose the development of BioMonitor, a new technology for continuous biochemical monitoring that is suited for a wide range of biomarkers. The method is based on the tracking of the motion of particles that are molecularly tethered to a substrate, where the Brownian motion of the particles indicates the (un)binding of single biomarker molecules. In the BioMonitor project we will investigate and develop biomolecular assays, engineering tools, and readout technologies, with the aim to enable future application as a biosensor that can be worn on the body or in the body of a patient. Important application areas in healthcare are intensive care medicine, therapeutic drug monitoring, peri-operative monitoring, and chronic organ disease.

The four TU/e positions are within Biomedical Engineering (2) and Applied Physics (2).

For more information: M.W.J. (Menno) Prins