Professor Ward Cottaar new vice dean of Applied Physics

The Executive Board of the Eindhoven University of Technology has appointed Ward Cottaar as vice dean of the department of Applied Physics at TU/e as of may 15th 2018. Cottaar is an alumnus of the university and is a full time professor since 2011.

Ward Cottaar received his ir. degree in Applied Physics from Eindhoven University of Technology in 1980. Subsequently he did a PhD at the department of Chemical Engineering. Since 1985 he worked for 26 years with Philips, of which 14 years abroad. In roles as project leader and system architect he was responsible for the industrialization of several new core technologies at Philips Lighting.

Since 2011 Ward Cottaar is a full professor at the department of Applied Physics. His major role was to build technological designer, PDEng, programs, especially in the health care area. Since 2011 over 100 innovation projects have been executed at more than 50 health organizations all over the Netherlands, from large academic hospitals to the smaller local hospitals.

Cottaar successes prof. dr. Paul Koenraad as vice dean of the department of Applied Physics. Koenraad was appointed as Dean of the TU/e Graduate School. Cottaar’s major responsibility as vice dean will be to strengthen valorization by the Applied Physics department. A role that is perfectly suited for him. “I am way more an engineer, than a scientist”, states Cottaar.