NanoAccess: thin film engineering & in-situ nanolab

FNA is equipped with a unique large UHV cluster facility (NanoAccess) which provides researchers access to the future world of nano-devices by means of integrated fabrication, manipulation and characterization down to the atomic scale. After its final completion NanoAccess consists basically of four by a transport line interconnected sections: NanoFilm, NanoProbe, NanoFab and NanoUser.


This section consists of a fully UHV compatible PVD- (with 12 sputter sources, 7 e-beam evaporators, wedge and shadow-mask growth possibilities), a preparation- (ion-sputter cleaning and plasma-oxidation), a (surface) characterization- (LEED, AES, UPS and XPS), and a fast-entry load-lock chamber with a glovebox entrance.


Separated by a specially designed anti-vibration system an advanced state-of-the-art multi-probe SPM / SEM system is connected to the NanoFilm section. Four independently controllable (STM or AFM) tips can be operated down to atomic resolution, providing in contact mode a probe station for electrical characterization at ultimate resolution.


Attached to NanoAccess in close vicinity of the NanoProbe system, NanoFab provides high-resolution, focused electron- and ion-beam (Ga+) based tools (dual-beam operation) for chemical (NanoSAM), structural (SEM) and magnetic characterization (SEMPA) as well as milling and fabrication at the nano-scale (FEBID/FIBID).


On the central transfer-line of the NanoAccess system already one strategic space is reserved, providing future users the option to attach an additional deposition or analysis tools on the basis of external project-based interest. The transfer line can additionally be extended providing extra possibilities for dedicated equipment.