BSc/MSc Students

Below you can find all of the students who did their Bachelor or Master project within the fusion group.

Graduated MSc Students
J. Loenen2016-04-15Design of an Extended Kalman Filter for the Motional Stark Effect measurement of real-time current density profile reconstruction in tokamaks
N. Maassen2015-11-27Real-time Surface Temperature modelling of the Upper Dump plate tiles in JET
A. Ayal2015-11-13Liquid metal divertors: thermally induced flows in liquid metals
I. Abramovic2015-11-09Inelastic Neutron Scattering on Iron With Relevance For Fusion Applications
T. van Lochem2015-09-18The effects of irradiation on the performance of a water-cooled monoblock divertor in a future fusion reactor
P. Rindt2015-08-18Conceptual design of a pre-loaded liquid lithium divertor target for NSTX-U
F. Torretti2015-08-14Polarization matching in ITER electron cyclotron heating
A.J. Wolf2015-03-16Measurements of ion velocities in the TU/e Fusor plasma using LIF spectroscopy
K.H.A. Verhaegh2014-08-25 Laser single nano-cluster interaction for the realisation of ultrashort neutron pulses