Jelco Loenen

Hi, I'm Jelco Loenen, I'm a master's student in both Fusion and Mechanical Engineering (Control Systems Technology). I've always been interested in physics, especially in astrophysics, quantum mechanics and nuclear fusion. In this, I liked fusion the most as it was the closest to something which would be really used by society. I was excited when I first heard of a Fusion master starting at the TU/e and even more about the fact that I could start directly with my Mechanical Engineering bachelor degree as it is a multidisciplinary master.

I'm currently doing my internship at the University of Sydney and am working on a polywell. A polywell is a device which uses a different approach to achieve fusion energy than what is done in tokamaks like ITER. I'm designing a Helium jet to determine the electron temperature and electron density using spectroscopy which perfectly fits into my double degree master program.