Nick Maassen

Hello, I am Nick Maassen and I am doing the Fusion Master. I was born in 1991 and in 2010 I finished high school. Then the difficult question came whether I was going to do mechanical engineering or applied physics at the TU. I finally choose to do the mechanical engineering bachelor with a minor in applied physics because I wasn’t looking forward to three years of studying physics and mathematics theory.

When I was close to finishing the bachelor I was looking for different master studies to do. Initially I was mostly looking at tracks within the mechanical engineering master. Then, after a presentation about some control master, there was going to be a presentation about ‘Fusion’. First I thought there was some planning mistake because it sounds like a physics master (and it used to be that). But then Niek Lopez Cardozo came with a very cool presentation about the fusion master and he explained that it was going to be a separate master that could also be done with a mechanical/electrical engineering bachelor. So after that presentation I was quite interested and I started to do some research about what it actually meant (as you now probably are). After a meeting with Niek I was convinced that I was going to do this master.

Now I just finished the first quartile and I have to say that it is tough to follow some courses when you have never heard about the ‘Maxwell equations’. Still fusion is of course a very interesting subject and this makes it easier to study for it. I just heard that I passed all exams so it’s not an impossibly difficult master that is only for physics people.