Tiago Pomella Lobo

Hi there! My name is Tiago, and I’m truly a Fusion Energy believer! All began in my second year in University, in Brazil (oh, I’m Brazilian by the way!), when I read a short report on plasma physics research there. After that, I made everything I could to develop a Fusion career. I’ve chosen this field because I believe society needs the sustainable and virtuallyinexhaustible energy source that Fusion can become, and I am certain that our community will solve this challenge, sooner rather than later!

I’ve graduated in Physics Engineering in the Universidade Federal de São Carlos(UFSCar), with a 1-year exchange program in Nuclear Engineering in Italy’s in Politecnico di Torino (POLITO), where I also prepared my thesis. I’ve worked in a superconductivity lab for some years during my undergraduation, and my final thesis was on Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) for computing thermo-hydraulics for ITER’s magnets.

Fusion is an amazing area of science and technology, that currently requires all the help it can get, since it has posed as the most complex enterprise humanity has ever faced. Be it from the Science side, with (e.g.) plasma and nuclear physics, all the way to Technology, with demanding conundrums like control and heat-handling, Fusion is as an exciting task as one can find.

My current idea is to follow-up on neutron-irradiation and tritium-breeding fields, since it is still in its infancy, and apparently shows that will require a lot of novel work. If you have an interest in talking about Fusion work, asking me how things are in Eindhoven (specially for an international!), or just want to chat: please contact me!

E-mail: t.lobo @ student (dot) tue (dot) nl