Ivana Abramovic

At a young age I became interested in science and in particular energy sources. This interest persisted through the years and eventually I enrolled in physics. During my bachelor I became particularly interested in nuclear and plasma physics. Realization of how badly the scientific community needs to come up with a solution for the world energy crisis slowly shifted my focus towards nuclear fusion. I wanted to know more about it and see if this is a field of research for me. After completing my bachelor studies I enrolled in the fusion master program at TU/e. Having discovered a variety of scientific challenges present in fusion research, I decided to stay in fusion which brings me to my ongoing PhD project.

My research is centered around neoclassical and turbulent transport in the new Wendelstein 7-X stellarator. So far in stellarators the limitation of the design was the worsened particle transport. Wendelstein 7-X has been designed especially to show that a stellarator of this size and of this particular optimized magnetic field can overcome the particle transport problem. I intend to use the collective Thomson scattering diagnostic to study the particle transport in the machine. This diagnostic is yet to be built and at the moment I am working on a full forward model which will show us what we can expect from the first measurements as well as allow us to analyze the data in the upcoming experimental campaign.