Peter Rindt

Ever since I was born in Tilburg, the Netherlands, I have had a great passion for engineering and design (asides from volleyball). This ultimately led to my graduation from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion group in the summer of 2015, after which I started my PhD right away. 

Although fusion is traditionally part of the physics world, nowadays, the master program at the TU/e has also made it accessible for engineers like myself. I chose to take this opportunity because it allows me to do what I love most (engineering), for a cause that I fully support (solving the climate and energy crises) at the highest possible level.

My project is a continuation of my graduation project at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. The main focus is the development of liquid lithium components that protect the inside of a fusion reactor from damage. Parts of my work will be to realize and test the experimental components that I designed for my graduation project, to study the uptake of fuel particles in the liquid lithium, and, if possible, to combine existing knowledge into an integrated design.