Herman de Jong

Hi. I'm Herman de Jong. I am maintaining and expanding experiments for the plasma sensors and diagnostics training program. The Fusion group is supervising this program.

Together with Lab-Tech colleagues of all plasma groups I'm spending about 40% of my time designing, building and testing several training experiments:

  • The Paschen curve
  • Inductive measurement of the magnitude and position of an electric current
  • Plasma emission spectroscopy
  • Plasma absorption spectroscopy
  • Measuring magnetic vectors through polarization of Zeeman splitting of spectral lines
  • Behavior of (micro-) waves in a magnetically contained Penning discharge plasma

Some experiments will also become remotely controllable, there is more to come!
After the build-up phase has ended, I'll also be involved in course coaching. The Fusion group also needs my expertise designing for experiments at external fusion sites like ITER, KSTAR, TEXTOR and other projects.

My original expertise at my previous position with the PMP group was optics and lasers but I've also been doing process control, electronics, programming, e-CAD and recently Mechanical/Vacuum CAD with Autodesk Inventor. 

The Fusion group is growing but still small and that makes it easier to mainly focus on one topic at a time and to have an informal basis of getting things done. The Fusion group is located on the 4th and 5th floor in the Flux building on the TU/e campus.