Questions and complaints

Where can I go with my questions or complaints?

Ofcourse you can always come to STOOR if you have any questions or complaints, however if you want you can also try to directly get an answer for your questions. Just below you can find an overview of the different people at the department of Applied Physics which are accountable for certain subjects. 

DeanGerrit Kroesen
Program DirectionHenk Swagten
Head ESA Applied PhysicsRuben Trieling
Student administration

Ad van Bakel
Christel Nieman-Strootman

Internship BureauPetra Siemons
Academic advisor Bachelor and person of trustDésy Block
Academic advisor MasterJos Zeegers
Quality controlYvonne Vervuurt
Coordinator labor conditionsTom Eijkemans

Additionally you can always come to students who are a member of the Program Committie, Department Council or the student advisor.

Furthermore there is also the possiblity to submit a complaint at a TU/e wide level. To do this you can go to the academic advisor of the Eindhoven Student Affairs (ESA). This person covers individual complaints. The complaints will be treated in full confidentiality. The ESA can also refer you to somebody in the case of a formal objection.