The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers multiple educational programs within the Bachelor College and Graduate School at Eindhoven University of Technology,

Bachelor education

Bachelor College
The Bachelor College is a TU/e-wide educational structure, in which each student takes a basic set of compulsory courses. The major you choose decides in which specific area you want to become an engineer.

In addition to your major you can choose electives that will accentuate your study program. 

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers two majors within the Bachelor College:

Please mind that for these majors you need to master the Dutch language as well as English language.

Graduate program Life Sciences and Engineering

The department offers the following master's programs, PDEng programs and PhD programs. The following programs are part of the graduate program Life Sciences and Engineering:

Did you complete your master's program and are you interested in doing research in the field of Biomedical Engineering? Check out the possibilities to do a PhD in one of our research groups.

Choice of study

Before starting a study, it is of great importance to properly investigate whether the study of your choice actually fits you. On this website you can already find a lot of information about our study programs.

Are you interested? Then take part in our study information activities and check whether your idea of the study program is correct!