Looking back on the BME Research Day 2019

The BME Research Day is the official annual event of the department of Biomedical Engineering of TU/e, where students, PhDs, PostDocs, and Researchers come together, showcase their research with lectures and a dedicated poster session, and network in a stimulating environment.

The roughly 180 registrants gathered on April 2nd 2019 in the Auditorium at TU/e to be welcomed by chair Peter Hilbers. He guided us through the presentations by Jan de Boer, Andrea Cabbia, Marc Robillard (Tagworks) and Bart Sanders (STENTit).

After a short coffee break, the stage was given to the poster pitchers for their 90 seconds pitch about their research, attracting us to come visit their poster. All participants aiming to win the poster prize!

While enjoying lunch the young researchers discussed their posters in the two poster sessions. The 64 posters and 42 poster pitches gave a nice overview of the research conducted in our department by the master students, PhD candidates and postdocs.

Our second chair of the day Tom de Greef had the honour to introduce keynote speaker Carl Figdor, senior professor in Experimental Immunology and head of the Tumor Immunology Department at Radboud UMC. He showed us his work about synthetic immune systems to outsmart cancer.

After the keynote, Lorenzo Albertazzi, Cristina Caresio, Roy van der Meel and Vito Conte braught us up-to-speed on the latest research in their fields.

Congratulations to Tim van den Boom (1st), Bettine van Willigen (1st) and Koen van Putten (2nd) for winning this year’s poster prizes!

And last but not least, many thanks to the chairs of today Peter Hilbers and Tom de Greef and the organizing committee Rina van Dijck – Postma, Tom de Greef, Sandra Loerakker and Menno Prins.

See you next year!