We provide courses on the topic of Medical Image Analysis in the Bachelor's as well as the Master's curriculum. Furthermore, we facilitate projects in this field, either at the TU/e, in hospitals or in industry. Both BME and ME masters programs are available in Medical Image Analysis. Moreover, students can choose to take the special track Medical Imaging, a joint master's with the University Medical Center Utrecht.


Bachelor’s courses:

  • 8QA01: OGO Beeldanalyse
  • 8DB00: Beeldvorming en –verwerking
  • 8VB30: Beelden
  • 8DC00: Medische beelanalyse
  • 8VC00: Voortgezette Beeldvormende Technieken
  • 8P361: Project Imaging
  • 8Z031: BMT Science Class

Master’s courses:

  • 8DM00: Front-End Vision and Multiscale Image Analysis
  • 8DM20: Capita Selecta Medical Image Analysis
  • 8DM30: Radiofrequency Fields in MRI
  • 8DM10: Team Challenge in Medical Imaging (MI track only)


An externship of three months full time is part of the Master’s curriculum. An externship can be done at other universities, at hospitals or in industry. It is strongly recommended to do your externship abroad.

For information on possible topics and places for an externship, you can contact prof. Josien Pluim. All practicalities (travel, housing and, above all, funding) you have to arrange yourself. For information and help in this area, please visit the website of TU/e’s international office.

Research projects

The MSc phase is concluded with a full-year's project in one of the research groups or a partner institute. You can find an overview of the projects our group offers at the following page. If you are interested in one of the projects, please contact the contact person listed in the project.